About Us

At PGA, we have a very clear purpose – to bring quality, safety and sustainability to life, now and for future. This is imperative to our own business activities and operations, and our continuing innovation of our design and management role of project, to help our clients become ever better and greater values.

Established since 2014 for over 8 years working history, we have been one of active engineering consultants in Hong Kong, providing consultancy services in civil, structural and geotechnical engineering.

We have designed and supervised various number of projects, covering a wide spectrum of engineering works such single block building developments, addition and alteration, excavation and lateral support works to existing buildings.

  1. Integrity First

We commit honesty and transparency. We uphold the highest standards of integrity and honor the commitments we make.

  1. Customer Driven

We win when our customers win. Our long-term strategic relationships provide unique insights and the ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences and solutions.

  1. Future Focus

Our culture of innovation and continuous improvement drives us to solve today’s challenges while constantly asking what’s next.


PGA 有一個非常明確的目標 - 為社會大眾帶來高質量、安全和可持續的生活環境。高質量、安全和可持續的生活環境,結合我們對項目設計和管理角色的持續創新,使客戶獲得更好和更大的收益。

PGA 自 2014 年成立,至今已有 8 年以上的歷史。我們一直是香港活躍的工程顧問之一,致力於提供土木、結構和岩土工程方面的顧問服務。


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